Opening Doors Event

Opening Doors Event: Tackling Imposter Syndrome in Academia
Thursday, November 16 | 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

"Tackling Imposter Syndrome in Academia" has been curated as a workshop where participants come together to address the pervasive issue of imposter syndrome within the academic community. Our Opening Doors Event (ODE) features an introduction and self-assessment for participants, followed by a series of small group discussions/ working groups, facilitated by committee members and volunteers who can provide valuable perspectives, hindsight, and support.

Recognizing the diverse experiences and identities of participants, we are facilitating specific groups to cater to different backgrounds and challenges, including:

  1. Woman-Identifying, Racialized Minority, or LGBTQIA+: Safe and inclusive spaces for individuals who identify as women, racialized minorities, and/or LGBTQIA+. Facilitators with firsthand experience navigating these identities will guide discussions, creating an empowering environment to share experiences, discuss challenges, and develop strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome.
  2. Trainees (Graduate Students and Postdocs): Discussion in this forum focuses on the unique challenges faced during the early stages of the academic journey. Facilitators who have successfully navigated imposter syndrome as trainees will provide guidance, share personal experiences, and offer strategies for building confidence and resilience.
  3. Pre-Tenure/Tenure-Track/Early Career Academics: For early career academics who are navigating the demands and expectations of their roles. Facilitators who have firsthand experience in these positions will provide insights, support, and strategies to help participants overcome imposter syndrome and succeed in their academic careers.
  4. English as a Second Language: Acknowledging the additional challenges faced by individuals for whom English is not their first language, this group offers a supportive environment to address imposter syndrome from the perspective of language barriers and cultural differences. Facilitators will share practical tips, effective communication strategies, and personal experiences to help participants overcome self-doubt and excel in their academic pursuits.

The primary goal of this workshop is to create a sense of community and equip participants with strategies to combat imposter syndrome. By engaging in small group discussions and working groups facilitated by experienced committee members and volunteers, attendees will gain insights, support, and practical tools to navigate the challenges of imposter syndrome effectively.

Do you identify with more than one of the identified groups? That’s great! We will have plenty of time for group sharing, so all attendees can benefit from the diverse voices, opinions, and lived experiences present at the workshop. Don’t think any of these groups apply to you specifically? The ODE will also facilitate general discussion of imposter syndrome and is open to all attendees, and all attendees will also leave the ODE with a resource list, and hopefully, additions to their professional support network!