Mentorship Program

The SfRBM Mentorship Program is organized and facilitated by the Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is dedicated to helping young scientists advance their career and have more opportunities not only the industry but SfRBM, as well. Towards that, they have developed a mentoring program which matches young scientists with a mentor who is already established. This program is open to ALL SfRBM members!

Benefits to Being a Mentor:

  • Exposure to new ideas and perspectives
  • Enhancement of leadership and coaching skills
  • Develop and retain talent within the Society
  • Creating a legacy

Benefits to Being a Mentee:

  • Real world insight
  • Exposure to new ideas, perspectives, learning experience and resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Receive assistance with long-term career planning and direction

Things to Know:

  • Mentors and Mentees must currently be a member in good standing of SfRBM
  • Beginning on August 22, those interested in being mentored can view the Mentor Profiles page, to view SfRBM's available mentors. Upon reviewing the mentors, please sign-up for the program by clicking here. You will be contacted by SfRBM staff with further instructions. 
  • Instead of definitive dates, the mentor/mentee pairing may go on for as long as it is beneficial to both parties

Mentorship Program Guidelines

Click here to see the Mentorship Program Guidelines that will assist you with your engagement with your mentor/mentee.