Mentorship Program

The SfRBM Mentorship Program is organized and facilitated by the Professional Development Committee


The Professional Development Committee is dedicated to helping young scientists advance their career and have more opportunities not only the industry but SfRBM, as well. Towards that, they have developed a mentoring program which matches young scientists with a mentor who is already established. The 2021 Mentorship Program will be begin on August 1 and will conclude on December 31. This program is open to ALL SfRBM members!


Does sharing wisdom and advice with the next generation of scientists sound rewarding? If yes, the SfRBM Mentorship Program is right for you!

Benefits of being a Mentor:

  • Exposure to new ideas and perspectives
  • Enhancement of leadership and coaching skills
  • Develop and retain talent within the Society
  • Creating a legacy

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out the Mentor Application to create a "Mentor Profile" (due June 28). Profiles will be posted to the SfRBM website so mentees can read through each profile. Mentees will also fill out an application (application opens July 1) where they will choose up to three mentors they feel would be most beneficial to partner with. Mentors will then be matched with a mentee by the SfRBM team, and will be notified immediately with mentees contact information.

Mentorship Program Guidelines

Click here to see the Mentorship Program Guidelines that will assist you with your engagement with your mentor/mentee.