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About Advances in Redox Research

Advances in Redox Research is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal which provides a platform for quality original research papers, short communications, invited reviews, and hypothesis papers focused on the broadest range of studies in oxidation-reduction (redox) processes in biology, biological chemistry, and health and disease - if biologically relevant.

Novelty, methodologic accuracy, and soundness of conclusions are indispensable criteria for submission of papers. Confirmative or largely descriptive observations without valid data are not suitable for submission. Studies involving screening of food/plant materials will only be considered if the active component is both identified and quantified.

There are no restrictions on length of articles. The journal aims to provide rapid and helpful peer-review to enable as many investigators as possible to publish their high-quality work.

Information on submitting a manuscript for consideration for publication in Advances in Redox Research can be found online here.

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Eric Kelley, PhD
West Virginia University

Alfonso Pompella, MD, PhD
University of Pisa