Redox Biology Virtual Seminar

Mitochondrial as Signaling Organelles
Navdeep Chandel, PhD, Northwestern University

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Papers of the Year Deadline: FRBM, RB, ARRES, RBC

supported by SfRBM and the
Society for Free Radical Research - Europe

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SfRBM 2024 Symposia Submission Deadline

SfRBM is soliciting proposals from investigators worldwide for thematic symposia sessions at our 31st Annual Conference in Savannah.

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Established in 1987, the SOCIETY FOR REDOX BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE is a professional organization comprised of scientists and clinicians investigating redox biology, a unifying theme in the pathophysiology of human diseases.

Latest Articles in SfRBM Journals

Redox Biology

Lifelong dietary protein restriction accelerates skeletal muscle loss and reduces muscle fibre size by impairing proteostasis and mitochondrial homeostasis

Publication date: February 2024 Source: Redox Biology, Volume 69 Author(s): Ufuk Ersoy, Ioannis Kanakis, Moussira Alameddine, Gibran Pedraza-Vazquez, Susan E. Ozanne, Mandy Jayne Peffers, Malcolm J. Jackson, Katarzyna Goljanek-Whysall, Aphrodite Vasilaki

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Free Radical Biology and Medicine

Metal profiling in coronary ischemia-reperfusion injury: Implications for KEAP1/NRF2 regulated redox signaling

Publication date: January 2024 Source: Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Volume 210 Author(s): Fan Yang, Matthew J. Smith

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Advances in Redox Research

Recirculating bioavailable nicotine metabolite using ascorbic acid: A pragmatic approach for treating nicotine dependence

Publication date: April 2024 Source: Advances in Redox Research, Volume 10 Author(s): Murugesan Arumugam, Raman Lakshmi Sundaram, Vishal Jayajothi, Manish Arul, Jerad A Suresh, Sathesh Kumar Kesavan

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Redox Biochemistry and Chemistry

Intracellular distribution of bis-allylic deuterated linoleic acid into the lipidome of human keratinocytes

Publication date: December 2023 Source: Redox Biochemistry and Chemistry, Volumes 5–6 Author(s): Rosangela S. Santos, Márcia S.F. Franco, Felipe G. Ravagnani, Adriano B. Chaves-Filho, Sayuri Miyamoto, Mauricio S. Baptista, Mikhail S. Shchepinov, Marcos Y. Yoshinaga

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Lipton Selected as Discovery Award Recipient

July 27, 2023

SfRBM's Senior Awards Committee has announced that the recipient of the 2023 Discovery Award is Dr. Stuart Lipton of the Scripps Research Institute.  He is being recognized for his outstanding contributions to the process of protein S-nitrosylation as a redox mechanism for the control and regulation of protein function in health and disease.

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Best Journal Articles to Receive Paper of the Year Awards in 2024

July 25, 2023

SfRBM & SFRR-Europe will jointly provide awards to honor outstanding papers published in one of SfRBM & SFRR-Europe’s 4 journals over a calendar year - FRBM, Redox Biology, Advances in Redox Research and Redox Biochemistry and Chemistry.  The recipients would receive a cash prize, award plaque and invitation to present their work at the next SfRBM and/or SFRR-Europe conference. 

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New FRBM Special Issue Podcast Series

June 1, 2023

Free Radical Biology & Medicine is proud to be launching a new podcast series for insightful commentary and discussion of recently published Special Issues and Invited Review articles published in the journal.  Each episode features an invited moderator and speaker discussing state-of-the-art research in the field of redox biology.

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