Professional Development

Responsible for organizing the Professional Development sessions at SfRBM in addition to facilitating the Mentorship Program


Karina Ckless, Ph.D.
SUNY Plattsburgh

Eva Nozik Grayck, MD
University of Colorado


The Professional Development Sessions are offered during SFRBM's Annual Meeting and are tailored for both junior and mid-level investigators.

SfRBM 2019 Sessions

  • Navigating Power Dynamics in Science
  • Transitioning from Non-Tenure Research to Academic Tenure Track Positions & Alternative Careers
  • Grant Review Section
  • How to Publish a Strong Paper in Redox Biology and Avoid Fatal Errors/Rigor in Redox Methods

SfRBM 2018 Sessions

  • AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  • Grantsmanship Workshop
  • In the Land of -omics
  • Not Enough Hours in the Day - aka How to Say No!

SfRBM 2017 Sessions

  • Science Policy
  • Speed Mentoring
  • Visual Arts
  • Winners Never Quit: How to Deal with Failure

SfRBM 2016 Sessions

  • Developing Business and Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Teaching while also Running a Research Program
  • How to be the Boss – Effectively Managing People and Leading a Productive Research Team
  • How to Find the Best Lab for Your PhD and Post-Doctoral Work

SfRBM 2015 Sessions

  • The Interview Chalk Talk: Dos and Don'ts
  • An Academic Career in Undergraduate/Teaching Institutions
  • Grant Writing Beyond The Research Plan
  • What to Do with All the Ph.Ds? Alternate Career Paths

SfRBM 2014 Sessions

  • Team Science: Overcoming the Challenges of Multidisciplinary Research Teams
  • First Impressions: Presenting Your Science and Yourself - The “Elevator Pitch"
  • NIH Mock Study Section
  • Changing Roles: Moving From the Bench into Administrative Positions

Professional Development Resources

Individual Development Plan (IDP)
An IDP can help establish your career priorities and goals and provides a successful tool to discuss your progress with your mentor. Many funding agencies and Universities require for post-docs and trainees to complete an IDP as part of the training process.

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