Social Media Submission

SfRBM Social Media Submission Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Content must be submitted by an SfRBM Member and/or contain relevant redox biology and free radical news and research. 
  • Content must be clear, concise, and consistent with SfRBM’s commitment to education and advance the study of redox biology research.
  • Content must not be overly self-promotional and must be of interest to the SfRBM audience. Suggested content may include personal research, but any affiliation/connection must be disclosed. 
  • Content must include a related link to further educate and direct followers to the source—the link can lead to the institution, study, article, etc.
  • Video or image content must include proper attribution and be free to use and republish, if not self-owned. 

Posting rules:

  • Once submitted, SfRBM has the right to repost and repurpose content for social media, newsletter, or other promotional materials. 
  • Edits for spelling, consistency, grammar, and content may be made at SfRBM’s discretion

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Please address any questions to Camryn Roth, SfRBM’s Communications Manager, at

Contact if you have any questions.