SfRBM Discovery Award

SfRBM is now calling for nominations from members for the 2019 Discovery Award. This award recognizes seminal or high-impact redox research that has been completed within the past 5 years and is given whenever there is a significant discovery in the field (a minimum of one award given every 5 years).

The selected recipient will present a featured lecture at SfRBM's 26th Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV, USA as well as:

  • $2,500 cash award
  • Paid travel expenses to SfRBM 2019
  • Confers a special title of Fellow of the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine (F-SFRBM)
  • A bronze medal with stand
  • Invited to publish a review article for Free Radical Biology & Medicine, SfRBM's journal, celebrating their scientific contributions and the presentation of the award
  • Have a one-page bio and picture prominently displayed in the SfRBM 2019 Abstract/Program book

Nominations Deadline:  May 5, 2019. Emailed submissions are required and can be sent to


Each submitted nomination should include the following: 

  • A signed supporting letter by the nominating individual describing the candidate, their recent significant discovery in redox research (must be within the past 5 years) and how it has impacted the field
  • Updated CV of candidate
  • A statement that the candidate, if selected, will be present at the SfRBM 2019 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas (November 20-24, 2018)

Please note that the nominees do not have to be current SfRBM members and self-nominations are not permitted.

Please feel free to contact the SfRBM office at (317) 205-9482 or email with any questions.


2017 Gregg Semenza, MD, Ph.D., F-SFRBM
2015 Ronald Mason, Ph.D., F-SFRBM
2013 D. Allan Butterfield, Ph.D., F-SFRBM
2011 Rafael Radi, MD, Ph.D., F-SFRBM
2009 J. David Lambeth, MD, Ph.D., F-SFRBM
2008 Joe McCord, Ph.D., F-SFRBM & Irwin Fridovich, Ph.D., F-SFRBM
2007 Robert Floyd, Ph.D., F-SFRBM
2006 L. Jackson Roberts II, MD, F-SFRBM & Jason Morrow, MD
2005 Sue Goo Rhee, Ph.D.
2004 Joe Beckman, Ph.D., F-SFRBM