2019 Travel Award Recipients

SfRBM’s Junior Awards Committee wishes to congratulate the winners of the Society’s annual Travel Awards. These awards were made available to students and postdocs who applied to attend SfRBM 2018 to present their research. Submitted abstracts were judged using a double blind review process. Ten (10) awards at $1,000 each were conferred to SfRBM postdoc or student members outside of the United States. In addition, ten (10) Travel Awards at $500 each were presented to SfRBM postdoc and student members in the US. Winners received special recognition and their awards at the SfRBM 2019 Awards Banquet in Las Vegas.

Phablo Abreu
University of São Paulo - Brazil

Rogério Aleixo Silva
University of São Paulo - Brazil

Ayed Allawzi
University of Colorado - USA

Mayuri Bandekar
University of Mumbai - India

Khushwant Singh Bhullar
University of Alberta - Canada

Mariana de Oliveira
University of Campinas - Brazil

Christopher Dustin
University of Vermont - USA

Carlos Henriquez
University of Copenhagen - Denmark

Kelly Hubert
The University of Iowa - USA

Zaineb Javed
Penn State University - USA

Mike Lange
Leipzig University - Germany

Miranda Leek
Oregon State University - USA

Giovanni Lineros Franco
University of Valle - Colombia

Zhimin Mao
University of Yamanashi - Japan

Nagakannan Pandian
University of Manitoba - Canada

Syed Husain Mustafa Rizvi
Boston University - USA

Vlad Serbulea
University of Virginia - USA

Gobinath Shanmugam
University of Alabama at Birmingham - USA

Shashank Shrishrimal
University of Nebraska Medical Center - USA

Tong Zhang
Pacific Northwest National Lab - USA