2020 Trainee Award Recipients

SfRBM’s Junior Awards Committee wishes to congratulate the winners of the Society’s annual Trainee Awards. These awards were made available to students and postdocs who submitted abstracts for SfRBM 2020 to present their research. Abstracts were judged using a double blind review process. 12 awards at $500 each were conferred to SfRBM postdoc or student members outside of the United States and 12 awards at $500 each were presented to SfRBM postdoc and student members in the US. Winners will receive special recognition during the 2020 Virtual Conference and free registration to the 2021 or 2022 conference.

Gowtham Annarapu
University of Pittsburgh - USA

Dinesh Babu
University of Alberta - Canada

Dayana Benchoam
Universiidad de la República - Uruguay

Andrea Braganza Jardini
University of Pittsburgh - USA

Anna Esser
University of Freiburg - Germany

Alexandria Hernandez-Nichols
University of Alabama at Birmingham - USA

Md Faruq Hossain
University Medicine Greifswald - Germany

Veronica Lisi
University of Rome Foro Italico - Italy

Maria Llanes Cuesta
University of Manitoba - Canada

Cristofer Martín Lopez
Universidad Nacional de San Luis - Argentina

Santiago Mansilla
Universidad de la República - Uruguay

Kyle Nguyen
Oregon State University - USA

Flavio Palma
Northwestern University - USA

Abinayaa Rajkumar
University of Madras - India

Syed Husain Mustafa Rizvi
Boston University - USA

Drake Russell
University of Washington - USA

Ritesh Sevalkar
University of Alabama at Birmingham - USA

Carlos Tairum
University of São Paulo - Brazil

Vitor Teixeira
University of Montreal - Canada

Julia Maria Torres-Velarde
University of California, Berkeley - USA

Cheryl van de Wetering
University of Vermont - USA

Hongyang Xu
Oklahoma Medical Research University - USA

Scott Yeudall
University of Virginia - USA

Natalie Zamorano
CRCHUM - Université de Montréal - Canada