2019 Regional Redox Symposium

SfRBM Regional Redox Symposium
Linus Pauling Institute 10th International Conference

Bioactives, Botanicals, and Redox Mechanisms

August 14-17, 2019  |  LaSells Stewart Center, Oregon State University - Corvallis, Oregon

The Linus Pauling Institute's 10th biennial conference is presented in conjunstion with the SfRBM's 4th Regional Redox Symposium. Join us for the four-day event highlighting the emerging roles for botanical and other bioactives, the role of redox signaling in disease processes, and how they come together for therapeutics benefit.
More information and registration can be found at: lpi.oregonstate.edu/conference

Featured Topics

  • Botanical Dietary Supplements
  • Other Bioactives (Micronutrients & Phytochemicals)
  • Redox Signaling in Cancer, Neurodegeneration, and Aging
  • Novel Tools and Analytical Approaches


Registration Fees  
Senior Investigator (Associate Professor, Full Professor) $250
Trainee (Graduate Student, Postdoc) $125
Undergraduate Students $50
One-Day Registration $125