Papers of the Year for 2023 Announced

SfRBM & SFRR-Europe have selected our inaugural Papers of the Year.  The awards recognize the best paper published in each of SfRBM & SFRR-Europe’s 4 journals in 2023 - FRBM, Redox Biology, Advances in Redox Research and Redox Biochemistry and Chemistry.  

Energy substrate metabolism, mitochondrial structure and oxidative stress after cardiac ischemia-reperfusion in mice lacking UCP3
Patricia Sánchez-Pérez, Ana Mata, May-Kristin Torp, Elia López-Bernardo, Christina M Heiestad, Jan Magnus Aronsen, Antonio Molina-Iracheta, Luis J Jiménez-Borreguero, Pablo García-Roves, Ana S H Costa, Christian Frezza, Michael P Murphy, Kåre-Olav Stenslokken and Susana Cadenas
First authors: Patricia Sánchez-Pérez & Ana Mata - Centro de Biología Molecular "Severo Ochoa" - Spain

Redox Biology
Hydropersulfides (RSSH) attenuate doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity while boosting its anticancer action
Blaze Pharoah, Chengximeng Zhang, Vinayak S Khodade, Gizem Keceli , Christopher McGinity, Nazareno Paolocci, John Toscano
First authors: Blaze Pharoah & Chengximeng Zhang, Johns Hopkins University - USA

Spectroelectrochemical testing of a proposed mechanism for a redox-based therapeutic intervention: Ascorbate treatment of severe paraquat poisoning  
Zhiling Zhao, Eunkyoung Kim, William Bentley, Gregory Payne
First authors: Zhiling Zhao & Eunkyoung Kim, University of Maryland - USA

Cross-linking between cysteine and lysine, tryptophan or tyrosine in peptides and proteins treated with hypochlorous acid and other reactive halogens
Nicholas Magon, Rufus Turner, Anthony Kettle, Christine Winterbourn
First author: Nicholas Magon, University of Otago Christchurch - New Zealand

The recipients will receive a cash prize, award plaque and invitation to present their work at the next SfRBM and/or SFRR-Europe conference.  

Award Benefits

The first and/or corresponding authors of the awarded paper will:

•Receive a commemorative plaque
•Be asked to present their paper at the SfRBM Annual Conference and/or SFRR-Europe Meeting
•$1,000 USD cash prize
•Receive special recognition on journal and society websites / social media
•Special recognition at society conference closing banquets
•Be interviewed for a feature in the SfRBM Dot (newsletter) and SFRR-Europe publications


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