Virtual Free Radical School Seminar

The Role of Nrf2 in Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer
Anna-Liisa Levonen, Ph.D., University of Eastern Finland

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SfRBM 2017

24th Annual Meeting of the Society for Redox Biology & Medicine
Hilton Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland USA

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Redox Biology: A Unifying Theme in the Etiology of Human Diseases

SfRBM-sponsored symposia
Experimental Biology (EB) meeting
San Diego, California

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Established in 1987, the SOCIETY FOR REDOX BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE is a professional organization comprised of scientists and clinicians investigating redox biology, a unifying theme in the pathophysiology of human diseases.

Learn how SfRBM “opens the door” to career possibilities in redox research

Latest Articles in FRBM and Redox Biology

Role of glutathione in the regulation of epigenetic mechanisms in disease

Publication date: November 2017 Source:Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Volume 112 Author(s): José Luis García-Giménez, Carlos Romá-Mateo, Gisselle Pérez-Machado, Lorena Peiró-Chova, Federico V. Pallardó Epigenetics is a rapidly gro ...

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Glutathione peroxidase 4-catalyzed reduction of lipid hydroperoxides in membranes: The polar head of membrane phospholipids binds the enzyme and addresses the fatty acid hydroperoxide group toward the redox center

Publication date: November 2017 Source:Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Volume 112 Author(s): Giorgio Cozza, Monica Rossetto, Valentina Bosello-Travain, Matilde Maiorino, Antonella Roveri, Stefano Toppo, Mattia Zaccarin, Lucio Zennaro, Fulvio Ursini GPx4 is a monomeric glu ...

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Carnosine attenuates cyclophosphamide-induced bone marrow suppression by reducing oxidative DNA damage

Publication date: April 2018 Source:Redox Biology, Volume 14 Author(s): Jie Deng, Yi-Fei Zhong, Yan-Ping Wu, Zhuo Luo, Yuan-Ming Sun, Guo-En Wang, Hiroshi Kurihara, Yi-Fang Li, Rong-Rong He Oxidative DNA damage in bone marrow cells is the main side effect of chemotherapy dru ...

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Blood-based bioenergetic profiling: A readout of systemic bioenergetic capacity that is related to differences in body composition

Publication date: October 2017 Source:Redox Biology, Volume 13 Author(s): Anthony J.A. Molina ...

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4-Hydroxynonenal and Related Lipid Peroxidation Special FRBM Issue Available

July 26, 2017

This special issue contains a collection of state-of-the art review articles and an updated overview of HNE involvement in human pathophysiology.  It will be a valuable resource for researchers in the field, graduate and post-graduate students as well as grant awarding agencies.  The issue is dedicated to the discovery of HNE and leading scientist Hermann Esterbauer on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death.


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Kevil New Redox Biology Co-Editor in Chief

July 25, 2017

Dr. Chris Kevil has been named as the new Co-Editor in Chief of Redox Biology, replacing Dr. Victor Darley-Usmar who stepped down after 5 years of leading the editorial team.

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Semenza Selected as Discovery Award Recipient

July 11, 2017

SFRBM's Senior Awards Committee has announced that the recipient of the 2017 Discovery Award is Gregg Semenza, Ph.D. of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Dr. Semenza was recognized for his discovery of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1a) transformed the redox field.

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