SfRBM 2017

24th Annual Meeting of the Society for Redox Biology & Medicine
Hilton Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland USA

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2018 Gordon Research Conference on Oxygen Radicals

Biology and Pathobiology of Oxygen Radicals from Cell Signaling and Detection to Therapy
Ventura, California USA

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Redox Biology: A Unifying Theme in the Etiology of Human Diseases

SfRBM-sponsored symposia
Experimental Biology (EB) meeting
San Diego, California

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Established in 1987, the SOCIETY FOR REDOX BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE is a professional organization comprised of scientists and clinicians investigating redox biology, a unifying theme in the pathophysiology of human diseases.

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Latest Articles in FRBM and Redox Biology

F2-isoprostanes can mediate bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis

Publication date: 1 February 2018 Source:Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Volume 115 Author(s): Beatrice Arezzini, Daniela Vecchio, Cinzia Signorini, Blerta Stringa, Concetta Gardi F2-isoprostanes (F2-IsoPs) have been considered markers of oxidative stress in various pulmonary dis ...

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Limitations of oxygen delivery to cells in culture: An underappreciated problem in basic and translational research

Publication date: December 2017 Source:Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Volume 113 Author(s): Trenton L. Place, Frederick E. Domann, Adam J. Case Molecular oxygen is one of the most important variables in modern cell culture systems. Fluctuations in its concentration can affect cell g ...

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Short overview on metabolomics approach to study pathophysiology of oxidative stress in cancer

Publication date: April 2018 Source:Redox Biology, Volume 14 Author(s): Luka Andrisic, Danuta Dudzik, Coral Barbas, Lidija Milkovic, Tilman Grune, Neven Zarkovic Association of oxidative stress with carcinogenesis is well known, but not understood well, as is pathophysiology of ox ...

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Cytoprotective mechanisms of DJ-1 against oxidative stress through modulating ERK1/2 and ASK1 signal transduction

Publication date: April 2018 Source:Redox Biology, Volume 14 Author(s): Stephanie E. Oh, M. Maral Mouradian DJ-1 is a highly conserved multifunctional protein linked to both neurodegeneration and neoplasia. Among its various activities is an antioxidant property leading to cytoprotection ...

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Insulin Found to Control Cardiac Function Through Reactive Oxygen Species

November 15, 2017

A recent breakthrough by Dr. Thomas Michel of Harvard School of Medicine has shown that insulin impacts the body in a unique way.  The study, recently published in FRBM, unveiled an entirely unexpected mechanism whereby insulin-dependent generation of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in cardiac myocytes controls heart contractility and critical cell signaling pathways.  These research findings have direct implications for our understanding of diabetic cardiomyopathy, which is a major cause of morbidity and mortality for patients with diabetes.


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4-Hydroxynonenal and Related Lipid Peroxidation Special FRBM Issue Available

July 26, 2017

This special issue contains a collection of state-of-the art review articles and an updated overview of HNE involvement in human pathophysiology.  It will be a valuable resource for researchers in the field, graduate and post-graduate students as well as grant awarding agencies.  The issue is dedicated to the discovery of HNE and leading scientist Hermann Esterbauer on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death.


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Kevil New Redox Biology Co-Editor in Chief

July 25, 2017

Dr. Chris Kevil has been named as the new Co-Editor in Chief of Redox Biology, replacing Dr. Victor Darley-Usmar who stepped down after 5 years of leading the editorial team.

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