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President’s Message

Neil Hogg, Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin

With abstract submission open, 

SFRBM 2015 in Boston is just on 

the horizon. The plenary program is 

now complete and is available on 

the SFRBM website. We are trying 

something a little different this year. It 
has not escaped our attention that the 

Sunday morning plenary session is not 

well-attended, and half the audience 

that are present are sitting with their 
Boston, MA - Site of SFRBM 2015
roller bags ready to make a speedy 

exit. For this reason we decided to 

4 citations and hour, so it got cited 4 more times as I struggled to formally end the meeting on Saturday

compose this message. This is a testament to the continued efforts night at the banquet and dispense with the Sunday morning session. 

of Kelvin Davies (editor in Chief) and the Associate Editors. Redox 
Instead we have expanded the Wednesday night offerings to four full 
Biology is too new to get a formal impact factor but rumor has it that 
talks. This will include the Discovery Award lecture, the winner of 
when it does it will be very strong for a new open access journal. To 
which will be inalized soon, and also a presentation marking the 25th 
support our journals, SFRBM Council recently passed a motion to 
anniversary of the discovery of isoprostanes. I look forward to your 

provide complementary registration to editors and associate editors feedback on this change to see if we want to make it permanent.

of the journals to our annual meeting so they have access to all of the 
One of the most important relationships SFRBM has is with Elsevier 
latest science presented in our ield.
and our Society Journals, Free Radical Biology and Medicine (FRBM) 

Both the Council and SFRBM Committees have been working hard 
and Redox Biology. This relationship supports our activities in many 
these past months with their respective portfolios and forwarding 
ways and, most profoundly, through a sponsorship model that provides 
our strategic plan. There are always opportunities for members to 
signiicant income to the Society. Perhaps recent past-presidents (the 

participate in our organizational structure and if you wish to get last 4 of whom have all been associate editors of FRBM) have felt a 

involved, please let me know.
little conlicted; but as I have no such issue, I strongly urge all members 

of SFRBM to support these Journals by making them destinations of 
Have a pleasant summer and see you all in Boston.

choice for your best work. To be successful, all journals need top 

quality content. Whether it be reviews or original research, we can 

all do our part in supporting our journals by submitting manuscripts. 

Whatever the limitations of Impact Factor as a metric, it is very 

satisfying to see FRBM increase its impact to a very strong value of 

5.74 with an incredible 33,000+ citations last year. I make that nearly

SFRBM Newsletter // July 2015 // President’s Message

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