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Neil Hogg, Ph.D.
Ines Batinic-Haberle, Ph.D.
Lin Mantell, MD, Ph.D.

North Shore University Hospital
Duke University Medical Center

Medical College of Wisconsin

Francis Miller, Jr., MD
Stephen Black, Ph.D.

The University of Iowa
Rick Domann, Ph.D.
University of Arizona

VP of Communications & President-Elect

Luis Netto, Ph.D.
The University of Iowa
Marcelo Bonini, Ph.D.

University of São Paulo
University of Illinois at Chicago
Sruti Shiva, Ph.D.

Rebecca Oberley-Deegan, Ph.D.
VP of Finance
Ralf Brandes, MD
University of Pittsburgh
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Arno Siraki, Ph.D.
Alicia Kowaltowski, Ph.D.
Marcie Cole, Ph.D.

University of Alberta
VP of Education & Professional 
University of Louisville

University of São Paulo
Douglas Thomas, Ph.D.
Anne Diers, Ph.D.

University of Illinois at Chicago
Berg Pharma
Eric Kelley, Ph.D.

VP of Membership
Jianhua Zhang, Ph.D.
Prabhat Goswami, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
The University of Iowa

Christopher Kevil, Ph.D.
Nadine Hempel, Ph.D.
VP of Research & 

Scientiic Excellence
Penn State Hershey Medical Center
Internal Marketing Committee
LSU Health Sciences Center
Dot Editor: Jianhua Zhang, Ph.D.
Karl Herbert, Ph.D.

Kent Lindeman, CMP
University of Leicester
Issue Contributors: Sumitra Miriyala, Ph.D., Eric 

Executive Director
Kelley Ph.D., Samantha Giordano, Ph.D., Maria 

Ting-Ting Huang, Ph.D.
Clara Franco, Ph.D., Ines Batinic-Haberle, Ph.D., 

Liang-Jun Yan, Ph.D., Romulo Severo Sampaio, 
Stanford University
Jacqueline Cristina Bueno-Janice

SFRBM Newsletter // July 2015 // 2015–2016 Council

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