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Forum (May 11)
• The Medical Library Association requested permission to use 

funding fact sheets in its Hill Day packets (June 5)
• Anne Deschamps organized an Animals in Research and Education 

Subcommittee face-to-face meeting (May 31)
Provide Value for the FASEB Societies and Their Members

• Yvette Seger organized the Science Policy Committee Symposium on • Libby Barksdale organized and convened a meeting of FASEB 

society staff to discuss and share information about programs 
reproducibility (May 31)

for mentoring graduate students and postdocs (June 2)
• FASEB sent a letter of support for the 21st Century Cures Act to House 

Energy and Commerce Committee leadership (June 12)
Encouraged participation of individuals in FASEB and member society activities

• FASEB sent comments to OSTP in response to RFI on microbiome • Debra Speert submitted an article on FASEB activities to the 

research (June 17)
ISCB newsletter (May 29)

Promoted training and sustainable careers
• Anne Deschamps co-authored an article in The Physiologist 

about APS, FASEB participation in the National Postdoctoral 
• J.R. Haywood, Yvette Seger, and Lou Justement participated in the 
Association Annual Meeting (June 25)
University of Michigan Future of Biomedical Graduate and Postdoctoral 

Training Meeting (May 4-5)

• Howard Garrison and Lisa Campbell updated slides on employment 

and training (May 21)

• Bethany Drehman discussed Sustaining Discovery at NYU postdoc 

symposium (May 21)

• Yvette Seger participated in the second meeting of the NYU Science 

Training Enhancement Program (STEP) Advisory Board (June 2)

Educated and engaged scientists, the public, and policy makers

• Yvette Seger spoke about advocacy at the annual meeting of American 

Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (May 14)

• Anne Deschamps published a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe 

on the value of animal research (June 21)

Expand the Community that FASEB Represents

Educated scientists to become more effective advocates

• Yvette Seger gave a presentation on science policy careers at 

NYU (April 2)

• Yvette Seger spoke to UCLA Children’s Hospital Postdoc 

Association about science policy (June 10)

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