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Public Affairs: 2nd Quarter 2015 Report

Promote Optimal Funding for Biological and Biomedical Research
Strengthened strategic partnerships

Advocated for research funding increases
• J.R. Haywood met with Frankie Trull of the National Association for 

Biomedical Research to discuss threats to animal research (April 15)
• FASEB submitted FY 2016 House and Senate LHHS Appropriations 

testimony for NIH (April 2)
• J.R. Haywood discussed collaboration on science policy issues with 

Rush Holt of AAAS (April 15)
• FASEB’s largest Capitol Hill Day ever, featuring 50 participants from 

27 states representing 21 out of the 27 member societies, as well as Advocated for investigator-initiated research within a balanced portfolio

seven of the basic biomedical research chairs associations (April 14). 
• FASEB submitted comments on America COMPETES Reauthorization 
OPA staff and FASEB leadership held an additional 46 meetings with 
Act of 2015 (May 6)

congressional ofices since the beginning of the year
• FASEB responded to NIH RFI on Optimizing Funding Policies and Other 

• OPA posted a new interactive map of federal science funding by 
Strategies to Improve the Impact and Sustainability of Biomedical 
district (April 14)
Research (May 6)

• J.R. Haywood met with House L-HHS Chair, Tom Cole to discuss 
Improve the Climate for Research
funding for NIH (April 15)

Developed and presented advocacy priorities and perspectives
• J.R. Haywood testiied in support of NIH at House LHHS public 

witness hearing (April 29)
• FASEB commented on NIH Principles and Guidelines for Reporting 

Preclinical Research (April 8)
• J.R. Haywood sent a thank-you letter to Newt Gingrich for his 

• FASEB submitted recommendations for improving the 21st Century 
commentary on NIH in The New York Times (May 5)
Cures Act to House Energy and Commerce Committee (April 9)

• Debra Speert initiated FASEB’s new district communication initiative, 

and J.R. Haywood published a commentary on federal funding in the • FASEB wrote to Senate Environment and Public Works Committee 

Lansing State Journal (May 10)
opposing Secret Science Act (April 27)

Strengthened liaisons with Congress and federal agencies
• FASEB sent comments to USDA in response to a petition from the 

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to amend the Animal 
• J.R. Haywood met with Howard Shelanski of the Ofice of Information 
Welfare Act Regulations (May 8)
and Regulatory Affairs in OMB to discuss regulatory burden (April 15)

• FASEB responded to USDA RFI on reducing regulatory burdens (May 
• FASEB’s Public Affairs Committee met with senior NIH leadership 

(Francis Collins and Lawrence Tabak) along with the leadership of 

NIAID, NCI, NIGMS, NHLBI, NINDS, NIA, NHGRI, NICHD, NIDCD, • FASEB commented on Senate HELP Committee white paper, Innovation 

CSR, NCATS, the data science program, and the intramural program for Healthier Americans (May 12)

(May 6)
• J.R. Haywood spoke about Sustaining Discovery at the FDP Faculty

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