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by Samantha Giordano, Ph.D., UAB and Maria Clara Franco, Ph.D., University of Central Florida

To answer our own question, A LOT. The Women in Science Committee Doors Event at the 22nd Annual SFRBM Meeting on “Networking 

(WIS) has new leadership, is implementing new projects and planning and Establishing Collaborations.” This interactive workshop will 

our annual Opening Doors Event for the Meeting in November.
discuss how both men and women can establish strong and lasting 

collaborations throughout their career. There will be a speakers 
First, please join the WIS and all of SFRBM in congratulating Dr. Becky 
covering the “dos and don’ts” of initiating collaborations within 
Oberley Deegan of the Nebraska Medical Center on her new role as 
your institution and at a meetings, how to use social media and 
the Chair of the WIS Committee and also to thank Dr. Aimee Landar 
appropriate email etiquette to maintain open communication with 
from the University of Alabama at Birmingham for her previous term as 

your collaborators, forming the oficial collaborations and maintaining 
Chair of the WIS Committee. Dr. Landar did a wonderful job in getting 
a healthy collaboration throughout the project and upon project 
the WIS Committee a voice and supporting women within our society 
and now under Dr. Oberley Deegan we know we will have continued 

This event will be beneicial to trainees and junior faculty for basic 

networking and collaboration knowledge and even to senior faculty 
Dr. Oberley Deegan has already taken the reigns and has helped to 
who can add a few new tools to their collaboration toolbox. We look 
implement two new WIS projects. This year the WIS is excited to 

forward to your joining us at this exciting interactive workshop at this 
announce a childcare referral service. Have you wanted to come to 
year’s meeting! See you there!
SFRBM but couldn’t because your children were too young or you 

had no one to watch them? Well now they can come to the meeting Networking & Establishing

with you and you can spend your days at the SFRBM Meeting while 

your children have fun. Please contact Jennifer Cole directly at 
COLLABORATIONS She will be happy to provide a list 

of childcare providers in the area. We hope that this will increase 

attendance to this year’s SFRBM Meeting in Boston among both men The Opening Doors Event this year will address a topic that has 

and women within the society. Please let us know how this service become increasingly important in our current scientiic framework: 

worked if you utilize it: email Thanks.
“Networking and Establighing Collaborations.” Whether you 

are a trainee, a young investigator or an established senior 
We are also beginning SFRBM Woman of the Month Club. Do you researcher, everyone beneits from establishing a strong network 

know a woman within our society who goes above and beyond? Are of collaborators.

they faculty, a post or a student and a member of SFRBM? Nominate 
Thursday, November 19 
them as our featured Woman of the Month! After answering a few 
6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
questions and submitting a photo, the Women of the Month will be 

highlighted by SFRBM on our webpage and social media outlets. See Cost: $25 for student & postdocs 

below for our irst Woman of the Month, Dr. Aimee Landar. Please $35 for senior investigators

contact Joanna Rybka ( or Aimee Eggler (aimee. 

Organized by Maria Clara Franco, Ph.D., University of Central for more information or with nominations.
Florida, Samantha Giordano, Ph.D., UAB and WIS

Lastly, continuing our yearly tradition, the WIS will host the Opening

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