Employment Opportunity

Research in mitochondrial biology/cardio-oncology/radiation-induced normal tissue injury

University of Iowa

Type: Postdoctoral

Primary Research Area: Mitochondria

Location: Iowa City, Iowa, United States

Salary Range: $60,001 - $70,000


Interested in cardio-oncology? This fast-growing area in cardiovascular medicine studies the effects of cancer therapies on heart and blood vessels. Cancer survivors are far more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease later in life than people without cancer. Damage to microvessels is a main driver of many radiation therapy-induced health problems, including cognitive decline, lung fibrosis and heart failure. Mitochondrial injury plays a prominent role in radiation injury. We are looking for a motivated young scientist who is interested in studying the side effects of radiation therapy on mitochondrial Ca2+ handling, mechanisms of transition to chronic injury and initial testing of new nanoparticle-based therapies. We have strong collaborations with our colleagues in redox/radiation biology, neurobiology and pharmacy.

We welcome talented and committed candidates with a recent PhD with a strong background in mitochondrial biology/radiation biology, neuro- or vascular biology. Experience in cloning, micro-dissection, cell culture, histology/immunohistochemistry and Ca2+ imaging is desirable. Additional previous exposure to genetic animal models of cardiovascular disease is desirable. The successful candidate will have access to in vitro and in vivo research models, as well as advanced radiation and imaging equipment. We will provide ample opportunity to acquire new skills during the fellowship. A MD with research experience and strong commitment to scientific endeavor will also be considered for the position. The successful candidate should qualify for training grants and postdoctoral fellowships.

For more information, please contact:

Isabella Grumbach, MD, PhD
University of Iowa, 169 Newton Road 4336 PBDB
Iowa City, Iowa 52242
United States
Telephone: 3193844610