Redox in Muscle Physiology, Exercise, and Sport

About Redox in Muscle Physiology, Exercise, and Sport

Redox in Muscle Physiology, Exercise, and Sport is a quality open access journal publishing original articles, mini-reviews, and reviews. The journal will also publish occasional invited thematic special issues. The scope of the journal is broad, aimed at revealing the mechanisms and interactions of the redox process in all areas of skeletal and cardiac muscle physiology, exercise science, and sports medicine. Emphasis is placed on well-conceived studies on adaptive and integrative physiological responses in animals and humans throughout life and includes translational research, clinical and biologically therapeutic aspects of human health and disease from childhood to old age. Redox in Muscle Physiology, Exercise, and Sport will also consider research articles focused in biochemical and bioenergetic muscle studies related to redox biology. Bioinformatic/multi-omics analyses and interventions related to the impacts of nutrition and exercise on muscle redox are particularly welcome. Studies of uncharacterized complex mixtures of natural products are not a suitable area of focus for the journal. Studies using commercial, undefined kits as the sole or primary assay for redox related changes which are not validated using other methods will not be considered for publication.

Information on submitting a manuscript for consideration for publication in Redox in Muscle Physiology, Exercise, and Sport can be found online here.

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Editors In Chief

Maria Carmen Gomez-Cabrera, PhD 
University of Valencia

Anne McArdle, PhD
University of Liverpool