2020 Regional Redox Biology Symposium



June 26-27, 2020  |  Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI

The fifth annual SfRBM Regional Redox Symposium will be hosted by the Medical College of Wisconsin Redox Biology Program. The symposium will consist of two days of state-of-the-art research talks, both invited and chosen from submitted abstracts. 

Featured Topics

  • Immunology and Inflammation
  • Metabolomics and Metabolism
  • Epigenetics
  • Redox Systems

Featured Speakers

  • Eduardo Chini, MD, PHD, Mayo Clinic
  • David Harrison, MD, Vanderbilt University
  • Roy Silverstein, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Jennifer Stancill, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Melissa Teoh-Fitzgerald, PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pre-Symposium Workshop

The Pre-Symposium Hands-on Workshop at the Medical College of Wisconsin will comprise of a morning didactic introduction to Redox Biology, focusing on the biological chemistry of reactive species and how to detect them, and an afternoon hands-on practical experience. Attendees will participate in two 2-hour practical sessions from the following four choices:

  • Detection of Nitric Oxide and Related Species by Ozone-Based Chemiluminescence
  • Detection of Oxygen Radicals Using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spin-Trapping
  • The Use of Boronate-Based Probes to Detect Peroxynitrite and Hydrogen Peroxoxide Using a Fluoresence Plate-Reader
  • The Use of HPLC/Fluorescence to Detect Superoxide Formation using Ethidium-Based Probes

Each practical session will be limited to a maximum of 5 participants and the workshop is limited to 20 attendees. 

Symposium Chairs:

  • Neil Hogg, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Jeannette Vasquez-Vivar, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin