2017 Travel Award Winners

SfRBM’s Junior Awards Committee wishes to congratulate the winners of the Society’s annual Travel Awards. These awards were made available to students and postdocs who applied to attend SfRBM 2017 to present their research. Submitted abstracts were judged using a double blind review process. Ten (10) awards at $1,000 each were conferred to SfRBM postdoc or student members outside of the United States. In addition, ten (10) Travel Awards at $500 each were presented to SfRBM postdoc and student members in the US. Winners received special recognition and their awards at the SfRBM 2017 Awards Banquet in Baltimore.

Gregory Buchan      
University of Pittsburgh - USA

Dustin Carroll          
University of Kentucky - USA

Anita Del Guercio   
University of São Paulo - Brazil

Katelyn Dunigan     
University of Alabama at Birmingham - USA

Christopher Dustin
University of Vermont - USA

Kelly Falls   
University of Iowa - USA

Danielle Guimaraes         
University of Pittsburgh - USA

Valeska Helfinger  
Goethe University Frankfurt - Germany

Irina Ingold  
Helmholtz Zentrum Munich - Germany

Joshua Lewis        
Georgia Institute of Technology - USA

Alpana Mathur        
CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow – India

Nagakannan Pandian      
University of Manitoba - Canada

Stephanie Portillo  
Universidad de la Republica - Uruguay

Sandra Milena Sanabria-Barrera
Fundacion Cardiovascular de Colombia - Colombia

Dong-Hui Shin       
Penn State University - USA

M M Towhidul
Islam University of Dhaka - Bangladesh

Matias Vazquez
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba – Argentina

Yi Xu 
North Dakota State University - USA

Penghua Yang       
University of Maryland - USA

Zhen Zhang
University of Yamanashi - Japan