SfRBM Changes Name to Reflect Broader Mission

August 11, 2015
Contact: Brent Carney
(617) 340-9337

The Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine is now the Society for Redox Biology and Medicine (SfRBM).

Founded in 1987, SfRBM is an international organization of over 1,200 scientists, investigators, professors and clinicians who conduct research in redox biology. Redox biology research has proven integral to major initiatives in medicine, including development of new therapies in cancer, heart disease, aging and cardiovascular disease.

SfRBM provides a forum for members to share their findings through conferences and workshops, interaction with science foundations and funding agencies, and education of policy makers and health professionals. The new name better reflects SfRBM's status as the premier society for oxidative and redox research, of which free radical chemistry is one component.

"Our broadening membership has a wide range of research interests," said SfRBM president Neil Hogg, Ph.D., professor of biophysics and director of the Redox Biology Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

"From researching new treatments for cancer, to diabetes and sickle cell disease, our members are undertaking groundbreaking research each and every day that is changing our world. One only needs to look at the research presented in our two official journals, Free Radical Biology and Medicine and Redox Biology, to see just a sample of the amazing work of member investigators around the world."

A majority vote (84%) of SfRBM members approved the name change. A new logo will be introduced at the Society's 22nd Annual Meeting in Boston this November.

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