Best Journal Articles to Receive Paper of the Year Awards in 2024

SfRBM & SFRR-Europe will jointly provide awards to honor outstanding papers published in one of SfRBM & SFRR-Europe’s 4 journals over a calendar year FRBM, Redox Biology, Advances in Redox Research and Redox Biochemistry and Chemistry.  The recipients would receive a cash prize, award plaque and invitation to present their work at the next SfRBM and/or SFRR-Europe conference.  The first Papers of the Year will be given out in 2024 to recognize 2023 Papers of the Year and then follow each year after that.  Only original research articles published (January 1 – December 31) can be nominated.

Award Benefits

The first and/or corresponding authors of the awarded paper will:

•Receive a commemorative plaque
•Be asked to present their paper at the SfRBM Annual Conference and/or SFRR-Europe Meeting
•$1,000 USD cash prize
•Receive special recognition on journal and society websites / social media
•Special recognition at society conference closing banquets
•Be interviewed for a feature in the SfRBM Dot (newsletter) and SFRR-Europe publications


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