SfRBM & ATVB Joint Session

Redox Signaling and Cardiovascular Disease
American Heart Association 2019 Scientific Sessions
Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Redox Regulation of Mitochondrial Dynamics and Signaling in Angiogenesis
Masuko Ushio-Fukai, Ph.D., Augusta University
Dr. Ushio-Fukai’s research focuses on the role of mitochondrial regulation of redox function in controlling vascular growth in response to angiogenic stimuli. Her presentation will address the role of mitochondrial regulation of autophagy during angiogenesis.

MicroRNA’s, Metabolically Healthy Obesity and Atherosclerosis
Xiaofeng Yang MD, Ph.D., Temple University
Dr. Yang’s research is centered on regulation of molecular expression profiles of inflammatory mediators during atherogenesis. His talk will focus on recent insights regarding microRNA regulation of metabolic responses impacting atherogenesis.

Glutathione Regulates the Inflammatory Component of Angiogenesis
Christopher Pattillo, Ph.D., LSU Health Shreveport
Dr. Pattillo’s research focuses on glutathione regulation of angiogenesis. His presentation will reveal novel mechanisms whereby endothelial glutathione regulates inflammatory stimulation associated with angiogenesis.

Human Platelet Bioenergetics: A Marker and Tool for Mechanism
Sruti Shiva Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Dr. Shiva’s work is centered on understanding platelet bioenergetic signatures during cardiovascular disease. She will present her latest findings that use platelet bioenergetic profiles as a biomarker and molecular target for vascular and thrombotic responses.

Flow Signaling in Atherosclerosis
Jun-ichi Abe, MD, Ph.D., MD Anderson Cancer Center
Dr. Abe’s research focuses on signaling pathways affected by blood flow and how they impact atherosclerosis development. He will discuss recent findings from his laboratory involving redox dependent responses associated with flow mediated signaling.

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