Abstract Submission & Trainee Radical Data Blitz Information

Abstract Submission Information - now closed!
for all Attendee

For information regarding your abstract, click here.

  • Abstract submission is now closed.  
  • Thank you for submitting your abstracts.  An email was sent to all accpeted abstract submissions on Tuesday, March 7. 
  • Click here for the accepted abstract submissions as poster presentations. 

Poster Size: 40 inches by 60 inches (basically 3 ft by 5 ft) and may be hung vertically or horizontally.  

NOTE:  You will not recieve a confirmation, when you submit your abstract through dropittome, it will say "done", this indicates your submission was successful. 

If you have any questions regarding your abstract submission, please contact Lori at lpearson@hp-assoc.com.

Trainee Radical Data Blitz
for students and postdocs only

  • Trainees selected to be a part of the Trainee Radical Data Blitz, should prepare 1 slide, with a few key figures and no animations, to discuss their research in 3 minutes.  The “Radical Data Blitz” will end with 2-3 minutes of questions for the speakers.  Cap of 10 speakers in each session.
  • You will be notified during the week of March 5 if your abstract was also selected as one of the Trainee Radical Data Blitz presentations.

The Trainee Radical Data Blitz is a great way for trainees to practice their “Elevator Pitch” and to share their research concisely!